CDK Global offers high quality, flexible learning solutions to suit every need. 

Unlock your employees’ full potential

It’s no secret that properly trained employees are more engaged, loyal and add more value to your business. The most successful dealerships place high importance on the development of their staff, with regular investment in improving their employees’ skillsets.

CDK Global puts significant focus on providing a range of training programmes around the effective use of our dealer management software, Autoline Drive. Not only will these programmes help maximise the return on the investment for your organisation; it will also contribute positively to the personal development of your employees.

The CDK Global Learning Journey

Our training is built around a framework that reflects the continuous nature of each employee’s learning and development. For first time users through to those experienced users wishing to further develop their skills, each phase of the ‘CDK Global Learning Journey’ is focused on delivering empowering, role-specific, skills and knowledge that will be used on a daily basis throughout your dealerships.

Take control of your learning

iLearn@CDKGlobal gives your employees direct access online to a wide selection of CDK Global training courses, tools and resources to help improve their performance.

Create a competitive advantage

Training your workforce in how to complete key tasks using best practice processes will increase productivity and help improve customer service levels, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Increase Productivity & Motivation

Our certification provides your employees with the skills to complete their daily tasks efficiently and professionally. Employees who feel they are doing a good job are, on the whole, more highly motivated and committed to their roles and the organisation.

Maintain Skill levels

The beauty of the CDK Global Learning Journeys is that the courses are repeatable. Refresher training can therefore be completed as and when required to ensure optimum staff skill levels.

Improve Retention

Training shows a commitment towards developing the skills of your workforce and demonstrates their value to your business. By investing in their success, your employees will become more effective, which will improve overall morale and increase loyalty.

Training for new customers

Exploit the return on investment potential of your DMS. DMS training can ensure that a basic foundation of knowledge and skills are in place.

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Training for existing customers

Working with your dealership, CDK Global can create a DMS training programme designed to suit your particular business needs.

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Kerridge training

CDK Global provides training for the Autoline system, formerly known as "Kerridge Autoline", "Kerridge DMS" and ADP Autoline.

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