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3rd July 2015: Unlocking "Business Potential”

One of the key macro trends in the Automotive Industry is the increasing focus on DMS system utilization. OEM’s and dealers are asking the question:

“Are we getting the most from our DMS?”

Why is it important to your business?

The benefits of greater system utilization cannot be underestimated and can help you gain a competitive advantage through increased efficiencies, turn around times, profitability and improved customer relationships.

If there is a truth that “Your DMS is only as effective as the people using it!” then the key role training plays in unlocking an employee’s full potential needs to be recognized.

So what’s been happening recently?

As a training department, we are also asking the question:

“How can we get our customers to get the most from their DMS?”

Over the last year we developed a range of training courses to help strengthen user knowledge and skills. We have also run monthly training courses in Dubai and we have also delivered a number of onsite training sessions.

However moving forward, instead of CDK planning what courses to run, we want to give you the opportunity to tell us about the training you need so that we can develop our training schedule more in line with your needs.

As a result we have modified our training web page to allow you to:

  • Let us know what training courses you need (course selection– numbers – date needed by)
  • Register an interest for an advertised course
  • Inform and record for any one off training requirements, issues you are having.

Whether it is the arrival of a new employee, developing the skills of existing employee’s, or reviewing your current system utilization, please let us know what you need or if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards
Jonathan Massie

T:   +971 -   4 - 427 9100
E:  jon.massie@cdk.com


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