Hosted Telephony

How easily can you measure call activity against performance?

Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony from CDK Global is a fully managed communications solution. It integrates your call activity with your business processes across all your sites and resources. Integrated with Autoline Drive, it reveals the true picture of how effectively and efficiently your staff manage calls to help generate sales and customer loyalty.

By implementing this next generation communication solution, you have all the tools needed to measure call activity performance across all sites. This gives you the management control and visibility to identify any flaws or weaknesses in your processes and easily take corrective action. Preventing missed calls, diagnosing system faults or adding or removing users is easy to do from the central online management control portal.

Hosted Telephony gives you the added value of three powerful tools in one solution:

  1. Hosted CTI (Computer Telephony Integration): linking to Autoline Drive, it supports a host of applications such as user presence, screen popping, click-to-dial, missed call tracking, etc.
  2. Online Central Management Controls: From one portal, all your call traffic across all sites can be managed. The control is put firmly in your hands to configure or make changes to the system.
  3. Cloud Platform Provision: All maintenance, upgrades and support of your entire telephony network is taken care of by one supplier - CDK Global.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Working hand in hand with Autoline Drive, your phone system is linked with your customer database and other Autoline Drive applications. This enables your staff to handle customer calls with the perfect blend of knowledge, speed and friendly efficiency. Calls can be answered professionally and in less time as all customer key information and latest status updates automatically pop up on screen.

Fully managed communications environment: Your entire phone system, network, telephone lines and infrastructure are all taken care of. The headache of managing several phone systems and co-ordinating their support, repair and maintenance with different suppliers for all your sites goes away.  

Improved system maintenance and support: It is really easy to make system changes, all from within the central control portal. You can manage everything online without having to go to individual sites to add and remove users or change a hunt group. Hosted Telephony comes with built-in business continuity so that all calls can automatically divert to another site or mobile phones in the event of an outage or failover.

Increased management control and visibility: Data about what happened to every call is available, allowing you to measure performance from group level right down to individual users and put in place more call coaching or extra resource to handle call volumes at peak times.

Predictable costs and more value for money With Hosted Telephony there are no longer any depreciating telephony systems. Instead, a fully managed service and a whole range of tools help provide that special, personal customer service. Unpredictable repair and maintenance costs are now fully transparent and can be easily budgeted for as they are also included.

Future-proof platform Integrating with the latest technologies and developments as they become available, Hosted Telephony is developed and evolves to support the growth of your business.

Telephony Toolbar

All you need at your fingertips: The integrated toolbar on your desktop screen manages the interaction with the CTI core system using a number of intuitive icons.

You will benefit from easy access to:

  • Active call information
  • Recently dialled number list
  • Speed dial – configurable for each user
  • Interactive on screen dialler
  • Telephone control on both the keyboard and screen
  • Directory integration – linked to Outlook & Active Directory
  • Active call notification
  • Interactive missed call indicator

For staff training and protection:

Call Recorder is a unique and powerful way of training staff. Users and supervisors have immediate search and playback of call recordings. You have instant access to what was agreed over the phone which can be referred to at any time. Your customer’s information is stored against every recording so you can be sure that you’ve always got the right context for the call.

Have a clear view of your team’s performance:

Call intelligence give you a clear view of how your teams are performing with reports on statistics like wait times, missed calls and call volumes by hour. Even a quick look over these reports will help you improve your daily processes, optimise staff levels at peak times and offer customer service that is warmer, stronger and 100% efficient.


Put calls straight through to available staff:

Let your receptionist focus on greeting customers entering your dealership. Leave the call answering to your central reception client who can see who is available and with one click, transfer the call. The big staff directory display and rapid search tool make it even faster to place calls and never have to dial extension numbers again.

Take back control of your telephony system:

Quick and easy system changes can be made by your managers to add extra extensions or mobile devices. You no longer are at the mercy of suppliers and have to wait days for changes to be made to hunt groups or voicemails, for example. Everything can be easily managed directly from the central portal without even visiting the site.

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