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These days, by the time a customer makes contact or visits your dealership with regards to buying a new vehicle, there is a significant chance they will have already conducted a lot of research beforehand, probably via the internet. As a result, they are likely to be part way down the decision process. Therefore, as a dealer you need to do everything you can to ensure they buy their vehicle from you, not your competition. Autoline Drive provides dealers with a comprehensive suite of tools to control and maximise the effectiveness of their vehicle sales process, right from initial enquiry through to vehicle collection for use by both sales managers and their respective teams.

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Effective Enquiry Management

Whether your prospective customer submits an enquiry online or walks into your dealership, you generally have one chance to impress them and ensure they buy a vehicle from your dealership. For online enquiries, an automated email can be sent automatically with details of the vehicle the customer is interested in and confirmation that someone will be in contact with them shortly. Simultaneously, a call reminder will go into a sales executive’s diary to ensure a quick follow-up. And for those customers who turn up at the dealership, a sales executive can quickly capture their information using a tablet device and start the purchase process.

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Guide the customer towards their desired vehicle

Once you have captured a customer’s requirements, you can quickly create a shortlist of potential vehicles for the customer to choose from. And as most customers like to compare potential vehicles against each another to help them make a decision, Autoline Drive allows them to view up to three vehicle specifications side-by-side. Once, the desired vehicle has been chosen, it is a straightforward process to spec-up the vehicle and add any additional accessories the customer may want. All this can be done in a friendly, consultative manner with the customer looking at your screen throughout the process.

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Increase the chance of a sale every time

Wouldn’t it be great if the sales manager within a dealership could view the real-time status of every potential sale in progress? With Autoline Drive, this is reality. The manager can remotely monitor the activity of every sales person using management controls and subtly request their attention if a deal looks like it will be lost or profitability is at risk. Managers can also be informed of all sales activity with automated alerts via email, SMS or screen pop-up for over 50 different stages of the sales process. Additionally, if a sales executive feels he may be losing a deal, he can subtly request the assistance of the sales manager.

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Customer-friendly deal presentation & close

The days of sitting at a desk with the customer going over a series of screens on a PC to help them understand the structure of their deal are gone. The mobile deal presentation app for Autoline Drive allows you to walk through the key information related to a deal on a tablet-device, which you can share with the customer to ensure they are comfortable with what you are offering them. Finally, you can take an electronic signature to confirm they are happy with the deal.

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Maximise the profit in every vehicle sale

There are a number of ways to maximise profit in the vehicle sales department, the sale of the vehicle itself being only one of these. Autoline Drive provides dealers with the capability to optimise every profit opportunity in a vehicle sale, including:

  • Ensuring a vehicle is priced correctly
  • Highlighting vehicles that will generate more profit for the dealer
  • Ensuring manufacturer bonus incentives are maximised
  • Accurately assessing the value of any trade-in vehicle
  • Providing details of vehicle financing options available
  • Offering relevant accessories and other add-on products
  • Providing service plans to lock the customer in to the dealer for a fixed period

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Management Controls and reporting

As well as the sales management control dashboard for monitoring and assisting the sales executives, there are a suite of reports to analyse key sales KPIs, including individual, team, site or brand performance, enquiries to sales ratios, etc. Coupled with the wizard-led ad-hoc report generator, group management and sales management can analyse any information they need.

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Autoline Drive Showroom

Give your sales people every chance of winning the deal. A consistent approach to a sales process in a dealership can make a big difference to how many sales your team win or lose. Autoline Drive Showroom uses simple, intuitive screens to guide your sales people through the customer’s journey with your dealership and captures all the information they need.

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