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The best run organisations are those where the management, at all levels, are able to make informed business decisions based upon up-to-date, easy to understand information. Autoline Drive provides a suite of over a hundred out-of-the-box reports covering all the key areas of your dealership. There is also a wizard-led report generator that can be used for creating ad-hoc reports based on your own specific requirements, whether it’s for planning, forecasting or management control.

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Make informed decisions using real-time reporting

Track and control day-to-day performance and compare, analyse and report on a wealth of real-time business information in a way that suits your specific business needs. Anticipate and respond accordingly to changes in demand and supply of vehicles, parts and services using comprehensive planning and forecasting tools. Also, Autoline Drive incorporates graphical representation for several key areas to make quick analysis more straightforward.

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Maximise the effectiveness of your workforce

Ensure your business is running effectively, even when you are away from the office, using pre-configured reports that can be automatically emailed to a mobile device. To maximise the effectiveness of your sales force, use employee activity reports to track handled enquiries, test drives booked, quotes raised and orders taken.

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Quick decision making

Sometimes you will need to get at your data in different ways; whether it is to understand what your fastest selling products are, the accounts with the highest turnover or maybe used data in a third party software on a website – this is where the Report Generator Module comes in. Our report generators are totally flexible and you can design your own report in minutes, or you can use one of the hundred-out-of the box management reports designed by industry experts and can be configured to suit your needs.

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Make smarter strategic decisions

See your data clearly, not just as groups of numbers. Spot trends and facts you’d otherwise miss. Business Intelligence displays all your daily data in clear, easy graphics: sales numbers, net profit, labour costs, vehicle turnover and much more. We pull data straight from your DMS, so you’re always in sync with your latest numbers. Then it presents it visually, by department so your sales team, service manager and other leaders can see exactly how their teams are doing.

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Business Intelligence

Demystify your daily operations: Business Intelligence helps you make faster, smarter and more profitable decisions by collecting in one place all DMS data from your different groups. It displays all your daily data in clear, easy graphics: sales numbers, net profit, labour costs, vehicle turnover and much more.

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Autoline Drive

Dealer Management technology for the 21st century. Autoline Drive leads the way in dealer management technology with fully integrated software that puts you in complete control of your business and the relationship with your customers. The management reports track a wealth of real-time data, so your team can always make accurate plans and forecasts. They are designed by industry experts and can be configured to suit your specific needs.

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