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A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in a dealership to ensure it runs effectively, from database maintenance to vehicle stock ordering, pricing and management. Autoline Drive provides a suite of tools to help streamline most of the key administration tasks within a dealership to ensure staff are focused on activities that add the most value to the dealership.

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Improve efficiency and reduce administration processing and overheads

There are a number of tools to streamline the process of managing vehicle stock. The Vehicle Administration module has a number of tools in place which are specifically designed to improve efficiency and reduce process lead times. The intercompany transfer tools allows you to quickly move vehicles between companies and the quick correct facility gives you the option of correcting all missing or incorrect data when saving a record or processing an invoice from within a single pop-up screen.

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By using the pipeline view in the vehicle administration workplace, the order progress of a vehicle is easily viewed and can be easily communicated to the customer to minimise any hold ups. Also, through the workshop status display, you can quickly identify the progress of jobs including allocation and schedule time and view the status of all jobs required for vehicle sale readiness.

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No business wants to waste valuable time in manually storing and filing data. With Autoline Drive, you can create several records at once where the specifications match and view all previous amendments made to ensure accuracy. The “duplicate customers” functionality is a fast way to spot and merge duplicates in your database and you can upload several images at once using the ‘drag and drop’ functionality onto correct vehicle records, which help convey a professional image to the customer

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Having accurate and valid data is crucial for driving customer service and forms the foundation of making solid business decisions. Autoline Drive allows you to improve the accuracy of the information in the DMS utilising the latest manufacturer franchise data, vehicle consignment feeds, parts price files, parts supersession history, warranty and CSI extracts. Also, by using the back-office functions that are automatically updated from vehicle transaction data, re-keying errors are reduced and valuable time is saved.

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Vehicle Stock

Manage all key stock tasks such as stock movement, inter-company transfers, value write-downs and detailed cost and profit analysis per vehicle and cater for price variations on a monthly basis using  the write-down facility.

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Dealer Management technology for the 21st century. Autoline Drive leads the way in dealer management technology with fully integrated software that puts you in complete control of your business and the relationship with your customers. Whether you are a single site dealership or a multiple site, multi-franchise dealer group, our system can help you run a more efficient, more profitable and more customer-focused operation.

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